You will have a local connection with a local council’s area if you fall into one of the following categories. You live in the area. If you have lived in the area for six months out of the past 12, or three years out of the past five, you have a local connection. To have a local connection, you must have lived in the area by choice. You have

Dec 06, 2017 Local Area Connection 6 status ?? | PC Review Nov 30, 2004 What is Local Area Connections? - Definition from Techopedia

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How to enable or disable local area connection in Windows Cant get the Pi system to comunicate with my laptop because the local area connection is only reconizing the network adapter and im assuming my internet conection is coming from windows 7. Prashant Mirjankar . February 25, 2013 at 6:03 am . Enabling: netsh interface set interface "Local Area Connection " ENABLE

I've just installed XP again - I do it every 6-12 months or so to tidy it up my computer. (I frequently have to test new software and apps) My LAN connection is listed as "Local Area Connection 5", and not "Local Area Connection"

What is Local Area Connections? - Definition from Techopedia A local area connection is activated in every system by default when Windows is being set up. The network adapter is given a connection to which the Internet can be accessed and browsed. A user can enter several LANs through the Network Connection folder and Set up LAN utility. This creates and activates local area connection in a system.