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At tigerVPN we always try to make your subscription more valuable and we constantly listen to your feedback. Rolling out more server locations is always a great thing but sometimes you have to cross the bridge and go further. www.tigervpn.com Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews Jan 09, 2018 VPN Unlimited vs tigerVPN - Which is More Secure? | VPNpro

Jun 09, 2020 · TigerVPN has a good track record of reliability. Support is available through 24/7 email, or 10 hours a day (EST working day) for their live chat service. Replies to emails are always within a few hours,vthough. They do also have a fairly well written FAQs section on their website, and do post updates on social media.

How deep you ask? tigerVPN is around since 2011 – that’s a couple of years on the back and our architecture and demands has changed over the years. We always felt the need to rebuild the engine which is the backbone of our service but were caught up by customer demand and natural growth. Lastly, TigerVPN has a support team dedicated to monitoring the status of its network and servers. For instance, the company operates its DNS servers. TigerVPN also provides SLA monitoring, ensuring that its servers are always up and running. Apr 20, 2019 · TigerVPN was founded in 2011 in Slovakia. It’s a friendly-looking, socially-conscious VPN service that actually donates 2% of its profits to animal charities. Given the generally dodgy reputation of VPNs, this makes a nice change of pace.

Jun 09, 2020

TigerVPN offers a free trial which consists of 500 Mb of traffic. Beyond that, there is a 7-day money-back guarantee. They do however state that Bitcoin payments and Karma points cannot be refunded, so keep that in mind. Support. They have a great website with an intelligently integrated live chat that commutes to your task without reloading or TigerVPN grants full online security forever - for less With cyber-thieves, hackers and online snoops always lurking, you need the talents of a quality VPN provider like TigerVPN to shield everything you do on the web.