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How to Set up a VPN for PlayStation 4 – Use a VPN on PS4 Apr 28, 2018 Help Setting Up Two PS4's with One PSN account - PlayStation 4 So my brother bought a PS4. I was wondering how I should have this setup. I logged into his PS4 with my PSN account but if I log into my PS4 while he is on, it signs him off. Is there any way to set it up without it doing that? Or do we need two separate PSN accounts? I am a little confused how this should work. How to Speed Up Your PlayStation 4’s Downloads Jun 29, 2019

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Help with setting up remote play/signing in to psn. Help & Tech Support. I am trying to set up remote play on my laptop as I don't have a tv or monitor available to me right now. I was able to get my ps4 connected to the internet by using the text to speech function, but now I am having trouble signing into my PS account so I can use remote