The OpenConnect VPN client has recently added support for Juniper VPN, supporting both TCP and UDP data transports. See the initial announcement on the mailing list for more details.. To use, install openconnect from the Archlinux respositories. If your Juniper VPN setup doesn't require any input after conneting you can use this command in order to connect

Since Juniper never supported Linux, it comes as no surprise that successor company client supports every other platform except Linux. Setting Juniper VPN/Secure Pulse on Linux is pain. Basically, it comes down to using Java applet in web browser or using 3rd party hacks and scripts. Something I refused to accept. Getting it to work in a web Juniper VPN setup in RaspberryPi 3 - Jun 29, 2017 Juniper Networks Network Connect, SecurID and 64 bit linux Jul 20, 2011 How to connect to VPN Server with OpenConnect SSL VPN

Apr 17, 2018

Juniper SSL VPN Terminal Sessions : linuxadmin Has anyone ever had to use Juniper SSL VPN Terminal Sessions before? One of the clients we support uses this for remote access. This isn't the Juniper VPN where you just hit "Network Connect" -- this is the web client where your access is limited to whatever terminal sessions are provided by the host. Juniper SSL/VPN for Linux users. The standard method for Linux users to establish a VPN connection with a Secure Access (SA) device by Juniper Networks is to login via web browser and to click the Start button next to Network Connect in the Client Application Sessions panel. At first use the software is downloaded and installed automatically.

Oct 29, 2014

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