How to bypass a Verizon FiOS G1100 router to use your own

How do I prioritize my PC on my router in the QoS Settings The QoS options for your router will be documented in the User Guide. QoS doesn't isolate specific machines, it isolates kinds of traffic. For example if you want all VoIP traffic prioritized over normal HTML and other web traffic. It doesn't matter who consumes the VoIP traffic, its all treated the same by the router. Bypassing Verizon FIOS Actiontec router and using your own Mar 23, 2009

Activate DHCP mode using CUJO app: Before turning off DHCP Server on your Router you have to activate it on CUJO (DHCP server will not be started until you reboot CUJO). If you see the manual setup instructions page on the CUJO app, this means the DHCP server was activated on CUJO. Turn OFF DHCP Server on your Router:

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